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Dog Bite Lawyer Bloomington IL

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Dog attack cases differ in many ways from other types of personal injury cases. First, there is an entire statute devoted to this type of injury case. Many personal injury lawyers have experience with car accident injuries but have not litigated a dog attack case under the Illinois Animal Control Act. This statute provides additional avenues to receive compensation than the usual personal injury “negligence” standard.

Illinois Has #1 Highest Dog Bite Injury Payouts In The United States

A study was conducted comparing the average amount of compensation from dog bite cases across the country and Illinois was the winner. However, to win, you need one of the best attorneys. It is important to hire an experienced dog bite lawyer Bloomington IL who has won multiple jury trials under the Animal Control Act. It is also important to hire a lawyer who lives in Bloomington-Normal. Out-of-town lawyers may not understand the nuances of the local court system or may do a poor job with jury selection because they don’t know the people in the McLean County community.

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The Illinois Animal Control Act

This statute allows someone injured by a dog to receive compensation from the dog owner under certain circumstances (510 ILCS 5/16). The dog owner may have a viable defense if the dog was provoked or the injured person was trespassing on the dog owner’s property.

The statute defines terms like “dangerous dog” (510 ILCS 5/2.05a) and “vicious dog” (510 ILCS 5/2.19b), and states the requirements for having a dog legally deemed dangerous or vicious (510 ILCS 5/15.1 and 510 ILCS 5/15a respectively).

The statute also describes several requirements imposed on dog owner such as keeping the dog on a leash (510 ILCS 5/15.2) and confining the dog under the observation of a veterinarian after an attack (510 ILCS 5/13a).

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Some of the most common injuries from dog bites include:

• Lacerations and puncture wounds
• Infections
• Bone fractures
• Bruising

In addition to dog bite injuries, a claim can also be made for the following dog-related incidents:

• Scratched
• Indirect injury from trying to avoid a dog
• Knocked down or trampled (especially small children and elderly adults)
• Emotional trauma
• Nearly any dog-related incident.

The consequences of dog bites can vary from a relatively minor injury to major injuries or even death. It’s essential to take a dog bite/attack seriously because it may not only result in immediate injury but also has the risk of infection later on and illnesses such as rabies.

What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Dog – Dog Bite Lawyer Bloomington IL

The aftermath of an animal bite can be frustrating when you are unsure of what you should do. In the event you are bitten/attacked by a dog, here are the steps to follow:

-Call your local police department and request medical assistance. Contacting 911 will ensure you receive the medical care you need right away. The police officer will also take statements form the parties involved and any witnesses. The officer should file a report and may give the dog owner a citation or ticket. Your dog bit lawyer Bloomington IL can obtain the police report if you were not provided with a copy. The police and dog owner are also supposed to contact Animal Control. If the dog owner did not do this, there could be additional penalties for not abiding by the statute and the citation/ticket.

-Take photos. If you are able to do so, take photographs of your injuries and the location where the dog attack took place. Photos can later be useful as evidence in an injury claim.

-Obtain videos. If the dog bite or dog attack occurred on your property and you have a home camera, check to see if it capture the incident. If not, check with a neighbor. You dog bite lawyer Bloomington IL can also ask your neighbors for video of the incident. If it occurred in a commercial/business district, your dog bite lawyer Bloomington IL can ask the nearby businesses for video footage as well.

-Get information. You will want to collect information from the owner of the dog in addition to anyone who witnessed what occurred. It’s easier to get this information at the scene than later on.

-Identify the dog breed. It is important to know which type of dog caused your injuries because some home insurance and renter policies have exclusions for “high risk” dog breeds that are known to be dangerous such as pitbulls, rottweilers, mastiffs, german shepherds, huskies, and bulldogs. Even if there is an exclusion for the type of dog that attacked you, there are other avenues to receive compensation for your injuries. For example, the owner may have a general liability policy without said exclusion. Also, obtaining payment directly from the dog owner is an option, especially if the dog owner has wages or bank accounts that can be garnished or a vehicle, house, or other real estate upon which your dog bite lawyer Bloomington IL can put a lien preventing them from selling the property without paying you first.

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A Dog Bite Lawyer Bloomington IL at Koth Gregory & Nieminski can assist you by:

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-Compiling information with the input of experts.
-Proving negligence from the dog’s owner prior to the attack.

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