Why Choose Us?

“Your lawyer should have extensive experience handling your type of case, genuinely care about your well-being, and have a proven system for efficiently achieving success.”

-Dustin Koth, Managing Partner

One-Stop Shop

KGN is your lawyer for all of life’s challenges. If you have been to one of the charity fundraisers or community events we attend, you may have seen this slogan. We say this because the size of KGN and the practice areas we focus on are intentional. KGN was built to best serve the most common legal needs of the people in McLean County and the surrounding areas.

Testimonial #1

Koth, Gregory & Nieminski is a wonderful law firm! They have helped members of my family and myself with several legal issues and I will continue to use them for anything I need in the future. The attorneys and staff are knowledgeable, dedicated, and helpful. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone!
Jennifer Woith
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Many people have more than one legal issue arise during their lifetime. We wanted to create a law firm for people to be able to come back to whenever they have a legal issue. It is common for a client seeking a divorce to also need assistance with a real estate closing and revising their will or trust.

Families setting up trusts may later need a criminal defense lawyer if their children get into trouble or an injury lawyer if one of them is hurt in a car accident or at work. Our attorneys are very experienced in each of these areas so that our clients do not have to endure the added time, cost, and stress of using multiple law firms.

Over the past three decades, we have helped many repeat clients with a large variety of legal issues. In the rare instance that the issue is outside of our scope, we provide the names of other lawyers that we believe can help.

Testimonial #2

I reached out to Koth Gregory and Nieminski for a consultation regarding a complex and urgent legal matter. Dustin followed up with me the same day. He took the time to listen and understand the situation, and I found his genuine and caring demeanor very reassuring. While my particular issue was not something their law firm handled, Dustin ensured I was referred to an attorney who specializes in this area. In the future, if I ever need legal representation involving a legal issue the firm handles, I would not hesitate to go to Koth Gregory and Nieminski.
Faith Q
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Does Size Matter?

Yes. Choosing a law firm that is too small or too large can create a lot of problems. The size of the law firm you choose, among many other things, can greatly affect the communication, quality assurance, and the cost of your case.

How To Know If Communication Is Going To Be A Problem:

Solo and small law firms often have delays in communication with their clients because the attorney does not have anyone else to help with the workload.

Large firms are notorious for employee turnover and clients may have to deal with a different attorney multiple times throughout their case. Also, there can be too many layers of staffing and it can be confusing who you are supposed to speak with about certain aspects of your case.

Koth Gregory & Nieminski (KGN) does not have the communication issues that commonly plague firms that are too small or too large. KGN is a medium-sized firm with four experienced attorneys, several paralegals, and our communications with clients are prompt and consistent. The attorney you meet on day 1 will be your lead attorney throughout your entire case. You can always email your attorney directly. You can also call the firm during regular business hours and one of our receptionists will get you connected with your attorney.

Hiring A Lawyer