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Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL

Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL

In our experience, insurance companies typically do not offer fair settlements to injury victims until a lawyer gets involved. If you were injured in a car accident in McLean County, you need an Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL to hold the insurance company accountable. The lawyer you choose can make a big difference. The insurance companies are familiar with the law firms who are the most successful at trial and are more willing to cooperate when the injured person is represented by one of those law firms.

We make it simple for people to talk to an Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL. The initial meeting is free, you have no obligation to hire our firm and our discussions are private. If you decide to hire our firm, you do not have to pay us anything unless we win your case. We are compensated for our services by receiving a percentage of the settlement. So there is no reason not to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced injury lawyers. You can come to our office in downtown Bloomington IL or we can discuss your injury claim over the phone or via zoom, whichever option you prefer.

Common Questions

What If I Need More Medical Treatment? With the help of an experienced injury lawyer Bloomington IL, it is usually easy to receive full compensation for past medical expenses because juries typically do not have any reservations about awarding full compensation for past medical expenses that resulted from the incident. However, receiving fair compensation for future medical expenses can be more challenging. Juries sometimes view future medical expenses as speculative and may not be willing to award as much compensation since the future surgeries or treatment are not set in stone. Thus, if possible, we recommend getting as much medical treatment done as quickly as possible.

Ideally, injury victims would receive all the necessary surgeries/treatments and not need future medical attention. However, this is not always reality. Unfortunately, injury cases sometimes involve unavoidable future medical care. For example, herniated disks often do not require surgery at the time but are very likely to require surgery in future. In a situation like this, your injury attorney will need to obtain testimony from the doctor to thoroughly explain what procedures are needed and why.

How Much Does An Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL Cost?
Koth Gregory & Nieminski handles injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning we do not receive a fee or get paid unless and until there is a recovery on the injury claim. There are many practical reasons for allowing clients to pay a contingency fee instead of an hourly fee, which include:

-Many injury victims may not be able to afford a retainer (money down to retain an attorney);

-Many injury victims may not be able to pay an attorney on an hourly basis while the injury claim is pending;

-It allows every injured person, regardless of financial status, to hire a good personal injury attorney and not have to pay any money in order to have good legal representation unless and until there is a monetary recovery;

-It allows all people the right to obtain legal representation to fight the insurance companies and file suit if necessary without having to pay money up front (a retainer) and/or having to pay monthly attorney bills;

-If there is no monetary recovery for the injury claim, then the injury victim does not pay any attorney fees;

-It also fosters a united cause between the injury victim (client) and their attorney in that the larger the monetary recovery, the larger the compensation for both the client and their attorney; and If you have been injured, contact Koth Gregory & Nieminski (KGN) at 309-828-5090 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with an experienced injury lawyer Bloomington IL.