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Custody Lawyer Bloomington IL

Custody Lawyer Bloomington IL

Some divorce cases can involve conflicts over the allocation of parental responsibilities. When that occurs it is beneficial to gain some fundamental knowledge about the legal rights you have as a parent and to have the help and expertise of a Custody Lawyer Bloomington IL.

Some of the issues regarding parenting responsibility which a lawyer can help you to navigate successfully in a courtroom include:

-Parental alienation. This refers to a situation where one of the parents manipulates a child to the point when they are estranged from other parent. This can have negative outcomes such as disrespectful behavior, aggression or even fear towards the alienated parent. While currently there no federal or state laws regulating parental alienation in the USA, some courts do recognize it as a significant issue and in some instances suspend child support.

Paternity. This is basically proving that a male is the father of the child. Still, it doesn’t mean allocation of parenting responsibilities are granted automatically to the father. A father may obtain an order from the court for these rights through filing a petition for parental responsibility and paternity.

-Parenting time. Understandably, this is a common concern among parents who are divorcing. It’s helpful to learn about the laws in Illinois that relate to allocating parental responsibility. Two kinds of parental time schedules are known as fixed and reasonable. A fixed parenting schedule means a judge dictates when and where the non-custodial parent shall fulfill their parenting time.

Reasonable parental time simply the parents are able to establish a schedule
without experiencing conflict. However, in the event it is determined a child is in an unsafe environment, the courts can remove these rights.

Because parenting responsibilities are so important, it’s critical to have a knowledgeable Custody Lawyer Bloomington IL help you through this often-complex process.

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