Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL

Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL

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Divorce – Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL

Family Law is a broad term that comprises several types of cases. Some of the information on this page focuses on divorce, but we recognize that many people have important family law issues that do not involve the dissolution of marriage. This page addresses most of the family law issues people may have, but if you have one specific issue you want to learn more about, below are links to a few of the most common issues.

Child Custody | Child Support | Modifying Court Order | Prenuptial Agreements


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If you have been served with a petition to dissolve the marriage, you need to immediately meet with a family law attorney Bloomington IL. Your spouse already has a lawyer, and they have probably spent several hours or days developing their strategy to protect his/her interests. You need to do the same.

Koth Gregory & Nieminski has the experience and resources to begin right away and make sure your case gets started on a good path.


Filing for divorce in McLean County requires filing a petition with the court to dissolve the marriage. If you are also seeking some type of relief from the court, such as child support or alimony, then it is also necessary to file a financial affairs affidavit.

To complete the document filing requirements of a Financial Affairs Affidavit, you need to provide your family law attorney Bloomington IL with the following documents:

1. Pay stubs or other proof of income

2. Income Tax Returns

3. Bank Statements

4. Proof of Debts

5. Proof of Assets

6. Other relevant financial documents

It is helpful if you bring these documents to your initial consultation, but not essential. Some clients need a little time to gather the documents and that is perfectly fine as long as your situation at home is not an emergency.

Our job is to guide you through this process, but we understand that this is a very challenging time for you, so we try to move at your pace.


In cases involving matters such as child custody and visitation in Illinois, judges determine the parenting arrangement based on a variety of factors. For example, judges take into account the age of your child, your wishes, your ex-partner’s wishes and the support you are each capable of providing. Judges will also consider the wishes of the children when they are old enough.

In addition, judges want to be sure that neither parent will attempt to stop the other from seeing the child. Other considerations are whether there have been instances of abuse or neglect, or either partner has a history of abuse or neglect.

The judge is supposed to make a decision that is in the child’s best interest based on all of the relevant factors. However, parties frequently disagree about what that means.

Many parents begin a child custody dispute thinking the other party is not as good of a parent, but “which parent is better” is not necessarily a determining factor for the court.

There are many instances where one parent is not responsible, a poor caregiver, or even does drugs, and the judge may still award that parent significant visitation rights.

This is not to say that the “better parent” won’t receive primary custody of the children. “Better parents” just need to be prepared for the fact that courts are reluctant to eliminate a parent’s rights altogether.

Many judges feel it is important to maintain the parent-child relationship as much as possible. To prove the other parent is unfit to spend unsupervised time with the children requires a strong case of criminal or unsafe behavior.

As a practical matter, Illinois law states that family cases regarding child custody (parenting time) should be filed where the child lives. If one parent files a family law case in a county that is not where the child primarily resides, then the other parent can file a motion to change venue to the appropriate county court. Changing counties must be done quickly so if you have received notice that the other parent has filed a family law case in the wrong county then meet with a family law attorney Bloomington IL immediately.


It is common for the court or a party to suggest the services of a guardian ad litem (GAL). The GAL is an independent attorney whose job is to meet with the parents and children and provide the judge with a report about the behavior of the parties and their children.

GALs often offer an opinion to the judge about what the GAL believes is in the bets interest of the children. Judges make the ultimate decision, but many judges rely heavily on GALs because the judge doesn’t witness each parent’s home setting and reactions with the children. The GAL has unique insight into what life is really like for the children and judges take that into consideration.

Make sure that you have a sound plan for your custody matters created by a knowledgeable, experienced Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL.

If you think you might be in need of the services of a family law attorney, but still aren’t fully sure, read on for more helpful information. On this page, we will address child support, alimony, and a few other types of family law cases including some of the most common signs that you should immediately consult with a Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL.


A skilled family law attorney Bloomington IL can advise you on child support and alimony.

Child support and alimony are important financial issues that are frequently addressed in a divorce case. If your case involves these issues, hire and experienced family law attorney Bloomington IL to represent you.

Child support is typically awarded to the parent who has more overnights with the child. Obtaining primary custody of the child is usually the first priority for parents. However, receiving child support can be an added benefit.

The amount of child support depends on several factors outlined by the Illinois statute. Koth Gregory & Nieminski uses sophisticated child support calculation software that makes it simple for clients to understand the amount of child support they may receive or be ordered by the court to pay.

KGN’s software also helps with alimony calculations. Alimony is also known as spousal support or maintenance. The purpose of the court awarding one

spouse alimony is to put that spouse in the same position he/she would have been in had the marriage continued (a.k.a. maintain the standard of living).

This is not a perfect science, but in general courts are not fond of one spouse being left in financial ruin because of the divorce simply because they were a homemaker or do not earn as much income as the other spouse.


Some of the areas included in family law are adoption, paternity, and modification cases (due to a change in circumstances).

Adoption. This can be a drawn out and complex procedure, which is why it is wise to have an experienced family law attorney Bloomington IL lawyer navigate it with you.

Paternity. This type of case can occur in the event a biological father chooses to file for paternity in order to see the child. A mother may also file paternity in order to start child support.

Modification. Are you noticing any sudden changes with regard to the arrangement between yourself and your ex-partner? Family-related problems will not just affect you but your children as well. Changes may include an ex-partner choosing to marry again or relocating to a different state. It may also include other difficult problems like drug or alcohol abuse or a criminal conviction. Consult with a Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL right away.


-Your former partner has a lawyer. In the event that your “ex” is already meeting with a Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL, you should promptly find one for yourself, too. You will want to ensure that a legal professional is representing your interests and rights in order to gain the best possible outcome for your case.

-New challenges. Has your former partner requested a change to important child custody issues such as visitation? Or, perhaps you believe your former partner plans to seek full custody and claim you are not fit as a parent? Hire a lawyer to ensure that you are protected.

-Your children are in unsafe circumstances. If you have reason to believe that your children’s safety is at risk, it’s a family problem you do not want to overlook. Call 911 if you suspect your children are in danger and then contact a lawyer.

Obtaining a restraining order against a former partner may be appropriate in such a situation.

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