Child Support Bloomington IL

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Child Support Bloomington IL

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How to Determine Child Support Bloomington IL

Whether you are a parent with custody of a child who relies upon support to make ends meet or a non-custodial parent who pays support, it is an important issue for all parties. While each state, including Illinois, has guidelines regarding child support, they may not apply in every situation or provide equitable results.

If you are planning to divorce in McLean County IL or are divorced or unmarried and have concerns about child support, schedule an appointment with our law firm to talk with an experienced family law attorney. Our seasoned family lawyers have provided representation for parents on each side of child support issues and can help you reach a fair solution.

In Illinois, there is a child support statute with guidelines that help judges determine which parent should pay child support and how much support is warranted. However, the guidelines are lengthy and how much weight a judge gives certain factors can vary. Thus, calculating child support in Illinois is a combination of art and science. Having a family law attorney with experience handling child support Bloomington IL can have a major impact on your case.

Child support is usually awarded to the parent that the child stays with the most at night (a.k.a. parent with the most overnights). While the McLean County judges rely on the statutory guidelines to help them determine an appropriate amount of child support, Koth Gregory & Nieminski uses state of the art child support software that helps our lawyers calculate what the judge may decide. We use this calculation to advise our clients about what they may receive or be ordered by the court to pay.

Examples of Problems with Calculating Child Support Bloomington IL

The parent without primary custody (or the parent who has less than fifty percent of the overnights) might pay a specific amount of their wages, which is based upon how many children are involved. Unfortunately, the guidelines determining child support Bloomington IL may not fairly or fully address the following scenarios:

• Significant assets and high incomes
• Significant disparity in the parents’ incomes
• A child who has special needs
• A parent who is intentionally unemployed or underemployed
• A parent who is disabled

In these types of cases, a lawyer who focuses on child support Bloomington IL can help you collect and provide evidence that supports deviating from the guidelines or to access more support from a parent who is purposefully not participating in the workforce or concealing their income to pay a lower amount of support.

In addition, we can provide assistance to a non-custodial parent who is facing support demands that are unrealistically high from a spouse following a divorce.

Enforcement of Child Support

If there is a court order in place regarding child support Bloomington IL, but your ex-partner is not making paying in accordance with the order, you should immediately meet with a top family law attorney for child support Bloomington IL to obtain the child support arrearages you are owed.

Your child support Bloomington IL lawyer can file a motion for contempt with the McLean County court describing your ex-partner’s intentional refusal to pay per the court’s order. Judges do not appreciate their orders being disregarded, especially concerning money that is supposed to go towards financially supporting a child.

Your attorney for child support Bloomington IL can help you gather the evidence needed to show your ex-partner’s failure to pay child support. This can include bank statements showing no payment from your ex or text messages from your ex admitting that he/she is late with child support or does not intend to pay child support.

After submitting evidence of nonpayment to the court, the burden then falls on the parent who failed to pay child support to show that his/her noncompliance was not intentional in order to avoid being held in contempt for violating the judge’s order.

Possible Penalties For Not Paying Child Support Bloomington IL

• Garnishments of wages and bank accounts
• Interception of income tax returns
• Liens on property (home, investment property, farmland)
• Suspension of driver’s license
• Court probation
• Jail time

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