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Child Support Bloomington IL

Child Support Bloomington IL

Whether you’re a parent with custody of a child who relies upon support to make ends meet or a non-custodial parent who pays support, it is an important issue for all parties. While each state, including Illinois has guidelines regarding child support, they may not apply in every situation or provide equitable results. If you are planning to divorce or you’re already divorced and have concerns about this important issue, call our offices to talk with a lawyer. Our seasoned law team has provided representation for parents on either side of support issues and can help you reach a fair solution.

In comparison with a lot of other states, the guidelines for child support in Illinois are simple and fairly straightforward. For instance, the parent without custody
(or the parent who has less than fifty percent of custody) might pay a specific amount of their wages, which is based upon how many children are involved. Unfortunately, the guidelines determining Child Support Bloomington IL can be inflexible and not address the particular circumstances in scenarios such as:

-Significant assets and high incomes.
-When there is a significant disparity in the incomes of the parents.
-A child who has special needs.
-A parent who is intentionally unemployed or remains underemployed.
-A parent who is disabled.

In these types of cases, a lawyer with expertise in Child Support Bloomington IL matters can help you to collect and provide evidence that supports deviating from the guidelines or to access more support from a parent who is purposefully not participating in the workforce or concealing their income to pay a lower amount of support. In addition, we can provide assistance to a non-custodial parents who is facing support demands that are unrealistically high from a spouses following a divorce.