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Dog Bite Lawyer Normal IL

Dog Bite Lawyer Normal IL

Across the nation, millions of people suffer from dog bites each year. The injuries can be significant and may in some cases have long-lasting consequences. When it comes to dealing with a dog bite injury claim in McLean County, don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced Dog Bite Lawyer Normal IL.

Illinois law explicitly covers injuries from dog bites. Basically, the owner of a dog that attacks or hurts a person who is in a location where they can lawfully be is responsible for all damages their dog inflicts on the victim.

Illinois is a strict liability state, which means the victim doesn’t need to show negligence as in other types of personal injury matters. The dog owner is liable for the injured party’s doctor bills and additional damages. This holds even if the animal’s owner took reasonable steps and precautions prior to the attack.

However, the Illinois statute regarding dog bites requires that the incident must be without provocation. The owner may not be liable in the event the injured party provoked the animal just prior to the attack. Additionally, the victim must be lawfully on the property when the injury occurs. If a dog owner is able to show
the person was trespassing when the injury happened, they may not be liable for the injury claim.

There are a variety of factors that can impact the how severe a dog attack may be. For example, the size and breed the dog can have an effect upon the extent of the injuries the animal inflicts. Naturally, larger breeds often have larger teeth and more powerful jaws.

Furthermore, the size and age of the person the dog attacks plays a major role in the case, too, because children can sustain significant harm from a dog bite.

If you’ve been injured by a dog, contact our firm and talk with a Dog Bite Lawyer Normal IL.

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