Family Law Attorney Peoria IL

Family Law Attorney Peoria IL

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Getting a divorce naturally leads to a lot of life changes. Some of the more commonly asked questions from people going through a divorce involve name changes and tax issues. On this blog we’ll present some fundamental information on these topics:

-Legal name change in family law cases. For a lot of Illinois residents, a divorce presents a new start that will enable them to end a difficult time in their lives and move on from a situation that wasn’t working. An aspect of moving ahead after a divorce can often entail changing your last name and going back to your maiden name. (Or to the name you were using prior to marriage.)

Family Law Attorney Peoria IL

Also, there are a range of other situations in which a name change can be an appropriate solution for those involved in a family law case. Through understanding what is required for a legal name change, those looking for a new beginning or who want to make a change in their lives can simply follow the necessary procedures and steer clear of any complications that could affect them.

At Koth Gregory & Nieminski, we have an understanding of the complicated legal issues that may affect those who are experiencing a divorce proceeding or who may be involved in other matters relating to family law. Although changing one’s name might appear to be an afterthought in some situations, taking steps to complete a name change at the appropriate time can help avoid possible complications.

An experienced Family Law Attorney Peoria IL at our firm can offer useful guidance on the name change procedures that must be complied with in these cases. Also, we can help identify and resolve any sort of complications that could arise.

-Basic name change after a marriage or a divorce. When a couple marries, the name change process is generally pretty simple. A valid, updated marriage certificate will enable either one of the spouses to change their surname. They can typically do so by providing their updated information at the Social Security offices in their local community.

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When you decide to get a divorce in Illinois, there are several financial matters that you will have to consider. Making smart decisions as you go about planning to dissolve your marriage and move forward with a divorce will help to ensure that you’ll have the financial resources you’ll need for the next stage of your life. When it comes to addressing your financial issues, tax considerations are often at the top of the priority list. By knowing how the choices you make as part of your divorce will impact the taxes you’ll owe and the credits and deductions you can claim, you’ll be able to maintain stability for your future as well as avoid unexpected financial surprises.

At the law offices of Koth Gregory & Nieminski, our team of Family Law Attorney Peoria IL works closely with our valued clients to help ensure they understand the financial issues that can play a big role in their upcoming divorce.

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We regularly provide represent clients in divorce cases and we are familiar with complex tax considerations that may frequently arise when it comes to addressing matters such as spousal support payments, ownership of property, transfers of funds or property among spouses, sale of real estate or other properties during a divorce and other issues. Your Family Law Attorney Peoria IL works to help our clients make smart decisions that will best serve their financial interests during their divorce and beyond.

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