Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL

Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL

Selecting The Best Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL Will Make A Big Difference

People typically ask which type of estate planning documents do I need and how much does it cost. After reviewing our services and rates below, you can get started by completing our convenient online questionnaire . If your situation is complicated or uncommon and you need to speak with a lawyer first, schedule an appointment with an Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL at Koth Gregory & Nieminski through our calendar or calling 309-828-5090 .

Services and Rates:

  • One Trust (Single or Joint Marital Trust) – $1,000
  • Two Trusts (Married but different wishes/interests) – $2,000
  • Recording Deed(s) – $44.16 per deed.
  • One Will (Single) – $500
  • Two Wills (Married) – $750

**Power of Attorney documents and Healthcare Directives are included with the cost of the Trust or Will.

– 80+ years of combined experience –

You will be in good hands at Koth Gregory & Nieminski with an Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL who can help you prepare for your financial future and make things easier for your loved ones after you pass. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Getting started on estate planning? A few of the critical starting points to consider are your spouse, children, and the size of your estate.

The grieving process is different for everyone and the last thing you want is to see family torn apart over material items or the stress of probate court. At Koth Gregory & Nieminski, we believe that setting up an estate plan has the potential to bring family and friends together to celebrate the life of the person who passed in a healthy way.

Many people with a family and assets think they should create a Will. However, you might want to consider a Trust as part of your estate plan. The main reason to choose a Trust instead of a Will is to avoid probate court. A Trust bypasses probate court and allows your assets to go to your beneficiaries quickly and inexpensively.

Probate court can cost several thousand dollars and over a year to resolve. The only instance where having a Trust may not be necessary is if your net worth is less than $100,000 and you do not own any real estate (residential, commercial, or land). Probate court is not required in that scenario, so you can simply have a Will appointing a guardian for your children and state how you want your assets divided.

Learning some basic information regarding estate taxes in Illinois can also help you assess if a more extensive estate plan is appropriate for you and your loved ones. Meeting with an Estate

Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL can help you get the answers you need to get started.

Another key benefit to creating an estate plan with a Trust is privacy. Business succession and charitable donations may also be a part of an estate plan.

The process of financial planning can sometimes overlook the importance of estate planning. It’s tempting to put off answering questions that can be uncomfortable. For example, it’s not easy to ponder issues that involve what happens to one’s children or property after they die. Not surprisingly, many Illinois residents do not have a valid Will, Trust, or Estate Plan.

Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL

To summarize, a will is a relatively basic legal document that states your directions regarding distribution of your property. Also, it can include directions about the care of your children. Estate planning with a Trust goes a lot further than a basic Will. It not only deals with distributing assets and inheritance wishes, it can also help to lower how much your heirs will pay in fees, taxes, and court costs, and get the money/assets distributed quickly and privately.

If you are ready to get started, fill out our simple online questionnaire . If your situation is complex or unusual and you would like to meet with a lawyer first, click here or call Koth Gregory & Nieminski at 309-828-5090 to schedule an appointment with an experienced Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL.

When you meet with an Estate Planning Lawyer Bloomington IL, you may want to consider a healthcare directive and a power of attorney (POA) for healthcare and financial decisions as well.

If you have recently lost a loved one and need to speak with a lawyer about how to distribute assets to the deceased person’s beneficiaries/heirs, click Probate (Will) or Trust Administration (Trust).

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