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Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL

Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL

Most wrongful death cases in Illinois are from car accidents. Work accidents, defective products, and medical malpractice are some of the other causes that warrant hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL. If your spouse, child, or parent was tragically killed in a car accident or other accident that was caused by another person or company, we want to help you. We can work with the insurance companies on proving the other person or entity was at fault and obtain a fair settlement.

Trying to do this on your own without a Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL is very challenging. Unfortunately, the insurance companies’ goal is to pay a little as possible. You and your loved one are just numbers on a balance sheet to them. We want to eliminate some of your stress by dealing with the insurance companies for you. We know that no amount of money changes things, but we want to take this burden off your shoulders and at least get you fair compensation under the law. Hopefully this allows you to focus on coping with your loss and celebrating their life.

Other Reasons to Use a Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL

1. Wrongful Death vs. Survival Action. You want a Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL to maximize the amount of compensation towards the wrongful death claim as opposed to the survival action. The money for the wrongful death claim is designed to compensate the surviving spouse, children, and/or parents for the grief experienced and the loss of economic support, affection, companionship, guidance and protection.

A survival action in Illinois, is a claim requesting damages that your loved one suffered between the time of injury until his or her actual death. Survival actions account for damages suffered by the accident victim, meaning their medical costs, pain, and suffering. The problem with survival actions is that the compensation can be reduced by creditors, subject to probate laws, and estate taxes. It benefits you as the beneficiary of the wrongful death claim to have most of the compensation attributed to the wrongful death action. You need a Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL to negotiate a settlement that attributes as much of the money to the wrongful death claim as possible. If the accident victim’s death was immediate, then it is not an issue. However, it is common for people to be severely injured, life-flighted or ambulated to a nearby hospital, and then pass away hours, days or months later.

2. Estate Planning Considerations. Koth Gregory & Nieminski has significant experience with estate planning and probate cases so your Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL can help you navigate those issues. If your loved one did not have a trust, then most likely you will need to open a probate case for them and we can help you with that. Even if there is a trust in place, it may be helpful to have us guide you through the trust distribution of assets.

3. Criminal Considerations. If alcohol or drugs were involved, either consumed by the person at fault or your loved one, our office has extensive experience handling criminal defense cases so we know how illegal conduct can impact the wrongful death claim. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with your Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL at Koth Gregory & Nieminski.

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