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In the state of Illinois, the estate of the decedent (deceased person) must go through probate court unless the value of the decedent’s estate is under $100,000 and does not include real estate.

The legal process of probate is designed ensure proper asset distribution and payment of the taxes and debts of the deceased person.

The problem with probate is that is can be time-consuming, expensive, public, and contentious. Probate can also be avoided if all assets are in a Trust. For more information avoiding probate, click Trust Administration Lawyer Bloomington IL.

In probate, the executor ensures payment of remaining bills are made during probate. To do so, the executor might need to sell off assets in order to cover debts, costs and taxes.

Additionally, the executor documents the estate as a tax-paying entity by setting up an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service and oversees payment of taxes.

Probate laws are complex for anyone who is not familiar with the Illinois statutes and courts. Click here to meet with a Probate Lawyer Bloomington IL.

Instances When You Need A Probate Lawyer Bloomington IL

-The estate has significant assets (more than $100,000 in total net worth).

-The estate includes real estate (home, farmland, rental property, etc.).

-There is more than one heir.

-The decedent did not have a Will or Trust.

The scenarios above are the more obvious instances because they come up frequently. However, there are several other circumstances where hiring a Probate Lawyer Bloomington IL is necessary.

-The estate has debts. When someone passes away and the assets they leave behind are not enough pay the taxes and debt, there is a good chance that creditors will sue the estate. An experienced probate lawyer Bloomington IL can recommend the best options for settling debts.

Disagreements over inheritances. It’s not uncommon for family members to have disputes over a will. Probate lawyers help resolve conflicts between heirs.

The estate includes a business. In the event a family-owned business sells to another party or divides among heirs, a probate lawyer Bloomington IL can ensure that the property transfers legally and payments and contracts are honored.

Time is an issue. It can take some time to settle an estate. If it must be accomplished quickly because family members need to be cared for or creditors are demanding payments, a probate lawyer Bloomington IL can help the process move forward.

Other Instances. Attempting to administer an estate’s assets and pay debts can confuse even the most sophisticated people. The last thing you want is the court or IRS demanding an accounting of how the assets/liabilities were handled. If not done properly, you could face civil penalties and even criminal charges. To be safe, it is best to hire a probate lawyer Bloomington IL so that they handle everything appropriately and you avoid risk.

Click here to meet with an experienced Probate Lawyer Bloomington IL.

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1. Experience. Koth Gregory & Nieminski (KGN) has been located in Bloomington IL since 1990. We have handled over 15,000 cases and we have never moved locations. We are involved in the community and our reputation with our clients speaks for itself. This is the type of experience and accountability you want from a lawyer.

2. Empathic. When you have recently lost a loved one, the last thing you need is a cold-hearted attorney who doesn’t really care about your circumstances. The people who work at KGN have lived in Bloomington-Normal or near the McLean County area their entire lives. We care about the people in our community. When we see someone hurting, we want to help. That is why we got into a service industry. We feel called to serve those in need.

3. Efficient. KGN is a modern law firm. We have invested significant resources into custom software and employee training programs to make the legal process easier and less expensive for our clients.

Meeting with a Probate Lawyer Bloomington IL has never been easier. You can schedule an appointment directly through our website and choose whether you want to meet in-person, via video call, or over the phone. Convenient scheduling is just one of the many efficiencies available at KGN.

We know nothing changes the fact that you lost someone you love, but our goal is to make the process convenient so it is a little easier for you to make peace with their passing.