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Custody Lawyer Normal IL

Custody Lawyer Normal IL

Need to speak with a lawyer about your concerns over who will receive custody of your children if you divorce your spouse? Call our law firm and speak to a Custody Lawyer Normal IL to learn more in a consultation.

In Illinois, the laws regarding child custody determine what occurs when parents are not able to reach agreement. The courts make decisions based upon the best interests of the child, which involves a number of factors that can range from education to medical care.

Here are some useful answers to FAQs about child custody laws in the state of Illinois:

-Is Illinois a co-parenting state? Divorced parents do regularly take part in this type of arrangement. Courts, however, don’t make the assumption that the parents are sharing custody. Instead, they evaluate the situation and grant joint custody if it’s in the best interests of the child.

-Which type of custody is most common in Illinois? Joint custody is typically the most common. It’s an arrangement in which each parent has responsibility in making significant decisions regarding the child’s care. With regard to placing the child, the scheduling depends upon all the parties involved.

-What are the different versions of custody? They are as follows:

-Joint (shared) custody.

-Split custody. Responsibility varies between each parent according to the needs of different children.

-Sole custody. Only one of the parents makes decisions regarding the child.

Courts only grant one parent greater responsibility or more time with a child when it is that child’s best interests.

-Who receives custody

When parents separate, who has custody? In the event of a separation, both parents have custody. The parties file with the court and,  after the case initiates, they typically receive an order for temporary custody.

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