Family Law Mediation Bloomington IL: Beginner’s Guide

This beginner’s guide to Family Law Mediation Bloomington IL is designed to help people who are about to go through mediation. This guide will help you better understand what mediation is, when mediation is required, how it can be helpful for the parties, and how it works. So What Is Family Law Mediation Bloomington IL? […]

Top Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL

Finding a top divorce lawyer Bloomington IL can be difficult for several reasons. Many law firms are not clear about who your divorce lawyer will be; The average person overlooks the red flags; and The emotional nature of divorce distorts the decision-making process HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU GET A TOP DIVORCE LAWYER BLOOMINGTON IL […]

How Do I Know If My Spouse Is Hiding Money

There are a few telltale signs your spouse is hiding money in the divorce case. The first sign is if your spouse historically “handled the finances”. If that is the case, he/she may have bank or investment accounts you don’t know about. Another sign is if your spouse gives vague answers to your questions about […]

High Profile Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL

Most divorce lawyers do not have the skill set and diverse experience to be a High Profile Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL. A lawyer must be proficient in much more than the usual family law issues to adequately represent clients with a high net worth who are well-known in the community. Why A High Profile Divorce […]

10 Best Divorce Lawyers Bloomington IL

Trying to decide which divorce lawyer to choose can be challenging. When evaluating which attorneys are the “Best Divorce Lawyers Bloomington IL”, you should consider several factors. The Best Divorce Lawyers Bloomington IL Have Extensive Experience, Wisdom, And Passion One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether your divorce involves contested […]

What Is Marital Property In Illinois? | A Beginner’s Guide

Overview Of Marital Property In Illinois Couples often want to know which property is going to be split in a divorce. Marital property can be divided in a divorce, but non-marital property can be considered separate property that is not subject to division. To fully understand which property is likely considered marital property in Illinois, […]

Does Spouse Cheating Help My Divorce Case?

Many people wonder “Does Spouse Cheating Help My Divorce Case” Illinois is a no-fault divorce state. This means courts will not consider whether a spouse had or is having an extramarital affair during the marriage as it pertains to dividing property. However, it is possible that your spouse cheating helps your divorce case in other […]

Alimony In Illinois: A Beginner’s Guide

OVERVIW OF ALIMONY IN ILLINOIS The laws governing alimony in Illinois drastically changed on January 1, 2015, when the Illinois Legislature enacted the revised guidelines for calculating both the (1) amount of alimony in Illinois and (2) duration of payments for alimony in Illinois. As if this overhaul to the statute didn’t complicate things enough, […]

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