The Big Secret Insurance Companies Are Hiding

The BIG SECRET isn’t just one thing.

It is a system of manipulation. The insurance companies act like your friend, but I assure you they are NOT.

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Insurance companies use at least one of these tactics after being notified of a claim

Option 1: Quickly Offer A Settlement

This may seem like a good thing, but ask yourself why the insurance company would offer you a settlement so quickly. The reason is the insurance company knows early on whether the claim has the potential to be expensive for them. They know their best chance to avoid paying a lot of money is to get you to agree to a quick settlement before a lawyer tells you why your claim is worth more.

Option 2: Ask But Not Give

The insurance companies frequently use the “ask but not give” tactic, which can be overwhelming for people who don’t hire a lawyer. The way this tactic works is that insurance company overloads you with emails requesting things from you (the “Ask”). What is even more frustrating is the insurance companies will not give you the information you request (“Not Give”). Their goal is to wear you down and make you feel like you don’t have a good claim so that you eventually give up. Sadly, this tactic often works.

Option 3: Recommend A “Preferred” Vendor

The insurance companies love to recommend a “preferred” auto body shop or a “preferred” lawyer to “help” you. Again, ask yourself why the insurance company would do this. The person you speak with on the phone may seem nice and this recommendation may even come from your agent or their assistant who you’ve known for years. Don’t trust them. The insurance companies make more money when they don’t have to give it to you.

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personal injury lawyer bloomington IL