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Best lawyers Bloomington IL for injury and death cases, family law, criminal defense, traffic tickets, estate planning and administration, real estate, debt collection, corporate litigation, contract disputes, elder law, employment, tax, and more.

Koth Gregory & Nieminski Has The Best Lawyers Bloomington IL For All Of Life’s Challenges

Koth Gregory & Nieminski offers more legal services than any other law firm in Bloomington-Normal. We handle nearly every legal issue people have in McLean County. You can meet with us at our Bloomington office, by phone, or video call.

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Why People Consider Koth Gregory & Nieminski The Best Lawyers Bloomington IL

  • Same-Day Appointments
  • Self-Schedule Appointments 24/7 Directly Through Our Online Appointment Calendar
  • 15,000+ Cases
  • Excellent Client Satisfaction
  • Experience, Empathy, and Efficiency
  • Established in 1990
  • Second Generation Family-Owned and Operated Law Firm

Best lawyers Bloomington IL

This page briefly discusses each service we provide with links to more information on those topics.

Injury & Death Cases

For injury and death cases, we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and you don’t pay our office until we win your case. We also offer in-home, phone, and video call appointments because we know our injury clients may struggle to drive to our office. The best lawyers Bloomington IL at Koth Gregory & Nieminski have a very successful trial record and have recovered over $150 million for our clients.

Personal Injury

KGN has helped numerous clients with the following types of personal injury cases:

  • Car Accidents (includes semi-trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.)
  • Slip/Fall Cases (suing owner of the property or business)
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Dog Bite/Animal Attack

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligent or intentional actions, you can learn more by going to Best Injury Lawyers Bloomington IL.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one because of someone else’s actions, you need a Wrongful Death Lawyer Bloomington IL with significant experience handling these specific types of cases.

Workers’ Compensation

Work Injuries are governed by a completely different set of rules than other injury cases. Learn more by going to Workers Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL.

Best lawyers Bloomington IL for personal injury

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Divorce & Family Law

When your financial future and children’s well-being are at stake, you need to hire the best lawyers Bloomington IL to fight for you. For divorce, child custody, child support, and other family law issues, select the link below that best fits your situation.

Best Divorce Lawyers Bloomington IL | Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL (Unmarried)

Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL

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Criminal Defense & Traffic Tickets

William Gregory is the lead criminal defense attorney at KGN. Mr. Gregory has been one of the best lawyers Bloomington IL for three decades. His experience as a prosecutor before becoming a criminal defense attorney has helped many clients dismiss or reduce the charges against them. To learn more about how Mr. Gregory can help you, go to Criminal Defense Lawyer Bloomington IL.

best criminal defense lawyers Bloomington IL

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Estate Planning & Administration

Estate planning involves drafting and signing documents that state your wishes when you pass away or are incapacitated. Estate administration is the process of carrying out the person’s wishes. The administration aspect involves going through probate court or trust administration. Probate court is stressful and expensive, which is why it is important to have the best lawyers Bloomington IL set up an estate plan that allows your loved ones to avoid probate court after your passing.

Estate PlanningProbate Lawyer Bloomington IL | Trust Administration Lawyer Bloomington IL

Estate planning lawyer Bloomington IL

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Real Estate

Real Estate Closings: KGN handles lots of real estate closings for people in the Bloomington-Normal area. What sets KGN apart as the best lawyers Bloomington IL is that we are successful trial lawyers. If there is a dispute with property ownership, we will advocate for your position to the judge and help you keep what is rightfully yours.

real estate lawyer Bloomington IL

In March 2023, KGN owner Dustin Koth won a hotly contested real estate property dispute trial for the gentleman shown in the picture above. Even if a closing or other real estate transaction seems simple, make sure you use a successful trial lawyer in case a problem arises.

Real Estate Lawyer Bloomington IL | Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL

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Corporate litigation / Contract Disputes / Debt Collection / Health Care 

Koth Gregory & Nieminski has represented numerous publicly-traded companies. We also represent small businesses and individuals as well. Most of our corporate cases involve some type of contract dispute, debt collection, or health care. If the legal needs of your organization fall into one of those categories, click the appropriate link below. You can also schedule an appointment directly through our Online Appointment Calendar.

Contract Lawyer Bloomington IL | Collection Lawyer Bloomington IL | Debt Collection Bloomington IL | Health Care

Other Legal Services

Our office has the best lawyers Bloomington IL for many other services as well such as elder law, employment law, tax law, and more. 

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Koth Gregory & Nieminski does not handle bankruptcy cases for debtors because we represent many creditors (corporations or individuals who are seeking reimbursement from debtors).

The Best Lawyers Bloomington IL Value Faith, Family, & Friendship

The attorneys at Koth Gregory & Nieminski are strong in their faith. Our passion, strength, and wisdom stem from our dependence on God. We view helping people with their legal issues as an act of service. We believe God has called us to serve our family and friends, and we believe faith, family, and friendship includes everyone.

best lawyers Bloomington IL at church

The Best Lawyers Bloomington IL Are Local

Unsatisfied clients from who used other law firms commonly complain that they hired a big law firm and the lawyer who was assigned to their case was unresponsive, didn’t care about their situation, and was all about the money and convenience.

If you are trying to find one of the best lawyers Bloomington IL to help you with an important legal issue, it is best to find a local attorney who has a successful track record in court and a good reputation in the community. The remainder of this page will help you determine whether a lawyer is truly local, has the skill set to win your case, and has a good reputation in the community. 

A local Bloomington law firm is better for many reasons:

  • More to gain and more to lose. The best lawyers Bloomington IL stand to gain the pride of helping people in their community. They also must be accountable if they make a mistake because clients can drive to a local lawyer’s office and meet face-to-face if their is a concern. In addition, if a local lawyer does not remedy a mistake, then they risk the client leaving a bad Google review or telling other people in town about the negative experience they had. However, bigger firms from other areas are not as concerned about their reputation in your local community. These out-of-town firms typically have multiple google business pages where reviews can be left so they are often able to hide the bad reviews from many prospective clients.
  • Local knowledge helps. The best lawyers Bloomington IL are familiar with the judge’s tendencies, can more easily get witnesses to cooperate, and can select a better jury because they know their people. 

Koth Gregory & Nieminski Isn’t Just Local, It’s Our Hometown

Koth Gregory & Nieminski’s roots run deep in Bloomington IL. KGN is a second-generation family owned and operated law firm. Dustin Koth is the President and Managing Partner of Koth Gregory & Nieminski. KGN has been in the same location in Bloomington IL since was founded in 1990 by Dustin Koth’s father, Douglas Koth.

Bloomington is Dustin Koth’s hometown. There is something personal about taking over your father’s business and seeking justice for the people you’ve known your entire life. Mr. Koth views everyone in his hometown as family and treats them as such. If you put your trust in our firm, we will do everything in our power to get you the best result and give you the guidance to move forward in a healthy way.  

Hiring The Hometown Lawyer Has Other Benefits As Well

Mr. Koth has extensive local knowledge. He has obtained numerous expert witnesses when other attorneys could not because of the long-standing relationships he has built with a variety of experts in the central Illinois area. Mr. Koth’s jury selection skills are unparalleled because he understands how the people in his community typically act and think. He also has a good rapport with many of the McLean County judges.

The same is true for his partners, William Gregory and Kristin Nieminski. The attorneys at Koth Gregory & Nieminski are involved in many of the same charity fundraisers and organizations as the judges. It may not seem like a major consideration, but it helps when the judge know your lawyer has strong values and credibility. 

Injury lawyer Dustin Kothof Koth Gregory & Nieminski with a client at ISU Football game in Bloomington-Normal IL

How To Know Whether A Lawyer Is Truly Local

Many law firms have several locations and hold themselves out as having their main office near you. The problem is that their “local” office may be a satellite office.

How To Discover Whether The Lawyer Has Multiple Office Locations

The best way to know whether the law firm has multiple offices is to check out their google business page(s). If you go to Google and type in the name of the law firm followed by your town/city, you can see their Google business page. If you open a new tab in your browser and enter the law firm name again, but then enter different cities throughout the state, you will see their other locations.

For example, KGN only has an office in Bloomington IL. However, for some of the other firms with a satellite office in Bloomington IL, their main office may be located in Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, Decatur, etc..

How To Discover The Lawyer’s Main Office

Once you have determined that the firm has multiple offices, the best way to know whether their main office is in your town/city is to compare the number of Google Reviews at each location and look at the images of their offices.

The location with the most Google reviews is likely their main office. Also, while nearly every successful law firm will have a nice store front with a sign displaying the name of their firm, the firms with multiple locations typically invest the most money into the façade of their main office.

If the law firms you are searching don’t have a store front in your town/city with a nice sign displayed on the outside of their building, then they are likely renting a smaller office inside of a building and using it as a satellite office. This may not seem like an important factor, but a lawyer is more likely to be truly committed to helping clients in McLean County if they have invested significant resources into establishing a local presence.

Don’t Settle For A “Satellite Office Lawyer”

In addition to the reasons discussed above for needing a local lawyer, another problem with choosing a law firm with a satellite office in your town/city is that the best attorneys in the firm don’t work there. Your case may be assigned to a lawyer with less experience or who lacks the qualities necessary to deliver a powerful winning argument.

The satellite office also may also not have any lawyers who actually work in that office or live in that area. Many law firms use satellite offices to give off the appearance of being local, but in reality, they have one or more of their lawyers travel to each satellite office weekly or monthly to meet with all the clients in that area.

The best lawyers Bloomington IL have a prominent local office that is clearly visible to the public.

Lawyer For Car Accident Injuries In Bloomington IL

Will My Lawyer Do A Good Job For Me?

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding whether the attorney you meet with is one of the best lawyers Bloomington IL:

  • Does the law firm have a lot of positive Google reviews?
  • What are the problems past clients identified in the negative Google reviews?
  • How big is the law firm?
  • What motivates the lawyer?
  • Does the lawyer have skillset to win my case?

Google Reviews Will Show You The Best Lawyers Bloomington IL

Google reviews can be very helpful. In the modern world, it is a red flag if the law firm does not have several Google reviews. Ideally, the law firm you choose would have several positive and recent reviews. This shows the firm is actively doing a good job representing other people in the area like you.

The default on Google is to sort reviews by Most Relevant. You can also sort by Lowest and Newest. To review the worst reviews, sort by Lowest. To review the most recent reviews, sort by Newest.

A couple bad reviews may not be a big concern since some clients do not fully understand the time and cost of the legal process and thus may be difficult to please or may have unreasonable expectations.

However, if there is a pattern of unresponsiveness, being motivated solely by money, lacking empathy, or a lack of professionalism, etc., then there may be a legitimate issue and you should not disregard the opinions of those past clients because you may have the same negative experience.

Google Reviews for personal injury lawyers at Koth Gregory & Nieminski in Bloomington IL

How Big Is The Law Firm?

 solo practitioner is not usually a good option because if anything happens to them, your case is in jeopardy. Whether they get sick, retire, die, or are simply overwhelmed by too many cases, a solo practitioner cannot give you adequate assurances that he/she will take your case to the finish line.

Even firms with two lawyers and a couple paralegals struggle to meet clients’ needs. The best lawyers Bloomington IL are part of strong team of lawyers and paralegals. Being local does not mean being small.

Large law firms also face challenges that often make it different to best serve their clients’ needs. The common issues with the larger firms is that they frequently lose the personal touch. They have automated phone systems, your lawyer changes multiple times during the case, and if your case isn’t going to make them money, then their motivation drops or they cease representing you. These criticisms are based on what clients from these larger firms said in Google reviews.

The Goldilocks Zone… As the childhood tale says, in the middle is just right. A mid-sized firm provides the best assurances of your case being handled competently with a personal touch from start to finish by an experienced lead attorney with a couple other attorneys able to assist when necessary.

Koth Gregory & Nieminski is a mid-sized firm. We have four of the best lawyers Bloomington IL with 10-35 years of experience as well as several paralegals. We have a fantastic receptionist to greet you in-person or on the phone. We also have two other intake people to answer calls when the receptionist is unavailable.

What Motivates The Lawyer?

Unfortunately, many lawyers are primarily motivated by money or convenience. At Koth Gregory & Nieminski, our main goal is to help people in Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding area.

As a business that has stood the test of time since 1990, we have found that being a successful law firm is a by-product of hiring good people, providing a quality service, and implementing streamlined processes. By doing these things, we have been able to accomplish our goal and help thousands of people in our community.

At KGN, we pride ourselves on our Experience, Empathy, and Efficiency. The motivators that allow us to live up to our core values are Faith, Family, and Friendship. We strongly believe that our solid foundation will allow us to continue to successfully serve the people in Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding area for decades to come.

Koth Gregory & Nieminski staff at Bloomington-Normal IL charity golf outing

Does The Lawyer Have The Skillset To Win Your Case?

Ultimately, the best lawyers Bloomington IL are the ones who give you the best chance to win your case. The lawyer you choose should have both the passion to aggressively fight for you while also having a calming presence so that the judge and jury view your cause favorably.

You should feel confident that your lawyer has the demeanor and skills to deliver a powerful winning argument to a judge or jury. While most cases do not go to trial, having an attorney with significant experience wining trials is essential.

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