Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL

Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL

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Selecting The Best Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL Will Make A Big Difference In Your Case

You will be in good hands at Koth Gregory & Nieminski with a landlord-tenant lawyer Bloomington IL who knows the local McLean County landscape and can efficiently help you find a resolution for your eviction or dispute.

Lawyer For Landlords – 80+ years of combined experience

Koth Gregory & Nieminski has represented national publicly-traded companies to single unit property owners. We can send eviction notices, file complaints in court, set up tenant and property removal, and collect money owed via garnishments and liens.

If you are a landlord or property manager and need assistance with an eviction or other matters, schedule an appointment with our firm today.

Collecting Money From Tenants For Past Due Rent And Property Damage

Our debt collection practices are much more effective than most other law firms that handle evictions because a large portion of our business is devoted solely to debt collection Bloomington IL. We have invested significant resources into software, research tools, and establishing relationships with vendors to efficiently identify tenants’ current income and assets. In addition, our experienced debt collection lawyers are strategic about when and how to best recover the money our clients are owed for past due rent and property damage.

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Why Experience Matters When Selecting Your Landlord-Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL

Our lawyers have the knowledge and competitive rates you will need to handle each aspect of a dispute or pending eviction. We believe Koth Gregory & Nieminski is the best Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL because we have significant experience representing both landlords and tenants, so we understand which arguments are most convincing from each perspective. Whether the dispute involves a residential or commercial property, our legal team fights for a favorable outcome while ensuring your rights are protected.

Lawyer For Tenants/Renters

If you have been injured due to a dangerous condition at the residence you are renting, you may want to consider meeting with the best injury lawyers Bloomington IL because there is a two-year statute of limitations in Illinois and hiring one of the best local injury lawyers can result in significant compensation for your injuries.

If you have been given an eviction notice or a complaint has been filed against you, schedule an appointment with an experienced landlord tenant lawyer Bloomington IL. If you need a lawyer to defend you against an eviction but you cannot afford a lawyer, you can call (309) 827-5021 to speak with Prairie State Legal Services.

For other landlord tenant issues such as leaking plumbing pipes, mold or pest infestation, our office can provide you with a list of resources (see below), but KGN does not handle these types of disputes for renters or tenants.

Tenant Resources as of 2022:

A Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL cannot help with every issue. As mentioned above, mechanical failures and infestations are not issues for a Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL.

The phone numbers and email addresses below should be helpful though.

McLean County Health Department: (309) 888-5450. Start by calling this number if there are any health-related violations – mold, flies, etc. Bloomington Building Safety Board: (309) 434-2226 / [email protected] Normal Rental/Housing Inspector: (309) 454-9644 / [email protected] / Submit Complaint Online

Illinois Department of Human Rights : (217) 785-5100

Illinois Housing Complaints: 1-800-662-3942 Illinois Housing Development Authority: (312) 836-5200 Bloomington-Normal Tenant’s Union: [email protected] City of Bloomington Township: 309-828-2356 / City of Bloomington Township Eviction Help Illinois: (855) 621-0811 / Eviction Help Illinois

Other Tenant Rights

Even though a tenant does not own the apartment, they have possessory rights to it. They are entitled to possession of the unit for the term of the lease. A landlord cannot enter an apartment that is currently leased unless the lease agreement allows it. However, a lease agreement that allows a landlord to enter a leased premises without good cause may be considered unconscionable. You could consult a Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL for this issue but read your lease first to see what the landlord can and cannot do according to the agreement.

Disputing this in court can be challenging though so the best thing to do for people looking to rent is read the lease agreement carefully and make sure you are comfortable with the terms. If you do not understand something, you can consult with a lease agreement lawyer Bloomington IL. Current and prospective tenants, click here to schedule an appointment with a Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bloomington IL.

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