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Wrongful Death Lawyer Normal IL

Wrongful Death Lawyer Normal IL

The Illinois law firm of Koth Gregory & Nieminski provides representation for families who suffer the loss of a loved one in accidents that result from the actions of others. Losing a close family member or loved one because of the wrongful actions of another party can be very traumatic. Unfortunately, though, these preventable tragedies can and do occur frequently in communities throughout McLean County and across the state of Illinois.

The Wrongful Death Lawyer Normal IL team at our offices regularly assist families who face these difficult situations that are no fault of their own. It is our belief that these families fully deserve useful answers, compassionate legal services and fair compensation. Call the Law Offices of Koth Gregory & Nieminski today if you need to speak with a Wrongful Death Lawyer Normal IL.

A few examples of what can cause a wrongful death include medical mistakes, faulty products or motor vehicle accidents. In the state of Illinois, there are laws in effect that enable the deceased person’s estate and the victim’s survivors to obtain just compensation. The laws are:

-The Survival Act. This allows the estate of the victim to receive compensation for the harm the victim incurred in the time period between the injury and the time of death. Compensation can be for economic and also non-economic loss.

-The Wrongful Death Act. The act allows the survivors to seek compensation for their own financial losses. Usually, the survivors are the victim’s children, spouse and parents.
Note that a wrongful death claim in Illinois is a separate matter from a survival party lawsuit. But in the majority of such cases, each claim is pursued simultaneously against the same relevant parties.

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