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Workers’ Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL

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Koth Gregory & Nieminski has extensive experience handling cases throughout Illinois involving a work injury, personal injury (i.e. car accident), and wrongful death. If you believe your injury is work-related, then continue reading. If your injury is not work-related, please visit our personal injury page

If you currently have a workers compensation claim or believe that you do, it is essential that you gain an understanding of when to hire a lawyer to represent you. It’s very useful to at least schedule a no-obligation consultation to determine whether it is worth pursuing your case.

It is possible to file a workers comp claim for almost any work-related injuries. The most common worksite injuries include:

-Heavy lifting, back injuries.
-Slip and fall.
-Repetitive motion injuries.
-Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.
-Injuries that are caused by equipment or machinery malfunctions.

In the event your workplace injury will require surgery or if it will prevent you from working for a period of time, you should promptly hire a Workers Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL who will help you gain compensation for lost income and medical costs. Workers Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL

Even if you are uncertain about how to proceed following your workplace injury, it is beneficial to get a legal perspective for your case.

When it’s Typically Necessary to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL

It’s advisable to hire a lawyer if you’re in any kind of dispute with an insurance provider. You will need to collect evidence in order to present an effective challenge to the insurance provider’s position. This may entail taking some depositions, obtaining a medical examination from an independent source and consulting expert witnesses. The lawyers at Koth Gregory & Nieminski can help you with all of that.

Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL if:

-Your claim for workers compensation is denied. There can be a range of reasons that insurance companies cite to deny a claim. The company, for instance, might state that your workplace injury is not actually work-related. Or, that your claim was made too late.

You may appeal the claim denial via the workers’ comp system. While the process can vary from one state to another, it usually requires submitting formal documentation, apply legal tools to collect evidence and then present the case in a hearing. Workers Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL

-The insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement to compensate you for your workplace injuries. It can be difficult for most people to evaluate whether an offer is fair. Thus, it is helpful to consult with a Workers Comp Lawyer Bloomington IL to assist you.

-There’s a dispute regarding your permanent disabilities rating. Many workers’ compensation awards and settlements are for permanent disabilities benefits. Calculation of the benefits is based upon the rating of your disability. If the insurer does not agree with the disability rating that the treating physician assigns, it may require that you attend an examination by an independent doctor of their choosing.

-You have preexisting conditions. If you have a condition that involves the same part of the body that you injured at work or have a preexisting injury, you will likely face a difficult challenge with the insurance company.

When it’s Usually Not Necessary to Hire a Lawyer

Generally, you probably will not require legal representation in the event that you suffer a workplace injury that is relatively minor that will fully heal with treatment. An insurance company is not as likely to dispute a claim that:

-Involves an injury that clearly is work-related.
-Does not require extensive, long-term medical treatment and lengthy periods of time out of work.
-Doesn’t result in lasting injuries.

Suppose a worker, for example, slips and falls in the lunch room at their workplace and sprains an ankle. Their doctor orders the worker to ice the injury, take pain relief medication and rest at home for a couple days. But since they have a job, the worker is ready to resume work quickly and the ankle heals within a month or so. In this example, insurance may cover the doctor visit and the lost wages because it is not expensive for the insurance company to do so and the facts are pretty clear cut. 

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