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Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL

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In cases involving matters such as child custody in Illinois, judges determine who shall receive custody and who shall not. You’ll want to be sure that you have a sound plan for your custody matters created by a knowledgeable, experienced Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL.

If you think you might be in need of the services of a family law attorney, but still aren’t fully sure, read on for more helpful information. On this post, we’ll present some of the most common signs that you should consult with a Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL for help with child custody cases. For more answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to contact our law firm.

Some Basics About Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL

Some of the practice areas that family law includes are divorce, custody and adoptions. A lawyer can also draft legal documentation whether it relates to negotiations or matters taking place in court. (Your Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL may also specialize in areas such as emancipation, too.) Adoption, in particular, can be a drawn out, complex procedure, which is why it’s a smart plan to have an experienced lawyer navigate it with you.

-Paternity. This type of case can occur in the event a biological father chooses to file for paternity in order to see the child. A mother may also file paternity in order to start child support.
-Divorce. You can hire a lawyer for your Illinois divorce to prevent the need to go to court.

A skilled lawyer can determine a realistic, workable plan for child custody and for visitation as well as advise you on spousal support and how to divide marital property.

-Changes. Are you noticing any sudden changes with regard to the arrangement between yourself and your ex-partner? Family-related problems will not just affect you but your children, too. Changes may include an ex-partner choosing to marry again or relocating to a different state. It may also include other difficult problems like drug or alcohol abuse or a criminal conviction. Consult with a Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL right away.

-Hearings. Have you received notification that a custody hearing is taking place soon? Do not wait until a hearing is already going on to consult with a lawyer. Your best move, without a doubt, is to hire a legal professional with knowledge of Illinois child custody laws.

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-Your former partner has a lawyer. In the event that your “ex” is already meeting with a Family Law Attorney Bloomington IL, you should promptly find one for yourself, too. You’ll want to ensure that a legal professional is representing your interests and rights in order to gain the best possible outcome for your case.

-New challenges. Has your former partner requested a change to important child custody issues such as visitation? Or, perhaps you believe your former partner plans to seek full custody and claim you are not fit as a parent? Hire a lawyer to ensure that you are protected.

-Your children are in unsafe circumstances. If you have reason to believe that your children’s safety is at risk, it’s a family problem you do not want to overlook. Call 911 if you suspect your children are in danger and then contact a lawyer. Obtaining a restraining order against a former partner may be appropriate in such a situation.

When it comes to determining rights and child custody, judges in Illinois consider a number of factors. For example, they take into account the age of your child, your wishes, your partner’s wishes and the support you’re each capable of providing.

In addition, judges want to be sure that neither parent will attempt to stop the other seeing the child. Judges will consider the wishes of the children, too, when they are old enough. Other considerations are whether there have been instances of abuse or neglect, or either partner has a history of abuse or neglect.

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