3 Huge Red Flags When Hiring A Lawyer In Illinois

Hiring a lawyer in Illinois is not always simple. This article discusses a few red flags to look for that can make hiring a lawyer in Illinois easier for you. Pay close attention to (1) The Initial Call, (2) Organization, and (3) Image. Why the Initial Call, Organization, and Image Matter When Hiring A Lawyer […]

The Cost Of Hiring A Lawyer – 3 Big Factors

Cost Of Hiring A Lawyer

The cost of hiring a lawyer will be lower if your lawyer does these three things   1. Has the proper motivation 2. Automates routing tasks 3. Effectively uses paralegals   It is not a secret that the legal system has voluminous procedural rules that require significant education and training to follow correctly. While the […]

3 Reasons To Beware Of The Free Consultation

Free Consultation

It is important to understand why a law firm is offering a free consultation There are times when a free consultation is appropriate. However, there are 3 reasons a law firm might offer a free consultation that should concern you as a potential client. Desperate for business. Some firms may offer a free consultation because […]

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