Child Support Normal IL

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Child Support Normal IL

Child Support Normal IL

Contemplating divorce but have concerns about issues like child support? Call our firm to speak to a family law attorney about your case. We can provide helpful answers to your questions about Child Support Normal IL.

Basically, child support is simply a term that describes the periodic or continual payments a parent provides to the other parent after a divorce. The intent of the payments is to assist in the raising of the children the parents share.

Child support is a combination of financial as well as emotional responsibilities parents have to provide for the well-being of their children. When parents choose to divorce or do not live together any longer, the non-residential parent is obligated to provide support to the residential parent. The purpose is to help offset the costs and maintain a standard of living for their children as they go between the two residencies. In situations where one of the parents has significantly lower income or spends considerably more time caring for the children than the other parent, Child Support Normal IL allows that parent to fulfill their financial needs.

In general, child support can be applied to expenses necessary to provide a safe environment and includes:

-Typical household costs like rent, food, clothing, furnishings, utilities and other standard needs.
-School fees, books, supplies, the costs to participate in sports, lessons and other activities.
-Medical care, dental care, eye glasses and additional needs for wellness.

Child support, just as term implies, is solely intended for the care and needs of the children. The parent who receives the support shouldn’t use it for their own personal needs, clothing or entertainment. Child support should not go toward the purchase of products that aren’t intended for use by children such as tobacco, or alcohol.