Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL

Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL

Hiring an Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL can help you quickly remove a tenant.

Selecting The Best Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL Will Make A Big Difference In Your Case

If you are a landlord or property manager and need assistance with an eviction or other matters, you can schedule an appointment directly through our website.

Landlords – Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL

Koth Gregory & Nieminski (KGN) represents several types of corporate clients who need tenants to be evicted quickly, from publicly-traded companies to single unit property owners. We send eviction notices, file complaints in court, arrange tenant and property removal, and collect debts via garnishments and liens.

KGN Knows The Local Landscape – 80+ years of combined experience

The attorneys at KGN have 80+ years of combined experience. Our attorneys and paralegals have lived in Bloomington-Normal IL for all or most our lives. We know the local McLean County landscape very well, which is one of the reasons we are so effective at quickly evicting tenants and recovering money they owe for past due rent and property damage.

Past Due Rent And Property Damage

The collection attorneys at KGN are better than the typical eviction lawyer Bloomington IL at recovering past due rent and property damage. KGN has an entire division of our business dedicated to debt collection Bloomington IL. KGN leverages software, research tools, and relationships with vendors to quickly identify income and assets, and our lawyers know when and how to effectively use these resources to your advantage. Click here to schedule an appointment with an experienced Debt Collection and Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL.

Eviction and Debt Collection Process

Landlords and managers of rental properties often face problems with their tenants, which can cost a lot of time and money. At Koth Gregory & Nieminski, we have decades of experience navigating the eviction process effectively for our clients — as well as determining alternative cost-effective options.

An Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL at our firm will evaluate your situation, consider all possible solutions, keep you informed, and take prompt action to recover your property.

These steps might include:

1. Sending a 5-day eviction notice.

2. Filing a lawsuit to evict/move the tenant and obtain past due rent, an award for damage to property, and reimbursement of costs and attorney fees (if the lease agreement allows recovery of attorney fees).

3. Negotiating mutual release agreements when the best option is to release the claims from each side without proceeding to the formal eviction process.

4. Proper fulfillment of all the steps required for lawful eviction while emphasizing timeliness, reasonable cost, and protecting your interests as a property owner, manager, or landlord.

5. Post-judgment collection, which may include negotiating and enforcing payment arrangements, wage garnishments, bank garnishments, memorandum of judgment (lien on real estate), vehicle levy, a Rule To Show Cause, and even a bench warrant for their arrest. In addition to handling eviction cases, we can also modify your lease agreements and suggest process changes to make the eviction and collection process easier and more fruitful in the future. For example, we might suggest adding a clause that allows recovery of attorney fees, or we might suggest requiring tenants/renters to provide their work, bank, and vehicle ownership information as part of the lease signing process.

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Over the years there have been some significant changes to the laws that govern landlord-tenant agreements. As a consequence, there can be many challenges for landlords seeking to evict a tenant. Once disagreements start to develop and escalate between you and a problematic tenant, taking an action that you might assume is fully justified — or even making an honest mistake during the eviction process — can end up costing you a lot of money and even fail to achieve the eviction.

Our knowledgeable lawyers focus on establishing your legal rights to your property while keeping your expenses down. For dependable and efficient guidance in this complicated area of the law, schedule an appointment with our experienced Eviction Lawyer Bloomington IL.

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