Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL

Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL

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Compensation for Damages

If you become injured or financially harmed due to the negligence of another party, you are entitled to compensation. In the eyes of the court, you have the right to be made whole. In legal terms, the method of quantifying your losses is called damages.

Which Damages Should Be Included in My Settlement?

Two types of compensation are possible in personal injury cases. Damages are considered either general or special.

-General damages. These can be difficult to quantify and tend to be more subjective. Compensation for these damages usually stems from the underlying accident or injury. Damages include pain and suffering, disfigurement, lost companionship, and similar distress caused by the actual accident or resulting from medical treatments.

-Special damages. These can include compensation for lost wages, medical treatment, damage to property, and lost income opportunity. These losses are more easily quantified and assign a dollar figure.

Damage Caps on Illinois Injury Claims

Some states limit the amount of or type of compensation a plaintiff can receive. This limitation is called a damage cap. Illinois has no damage cap on any personal injury case.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL

Experience is Important

Whenever you look for a lawyer, it is best to go with experience and a history of success. Look into the background of the Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL or firm you are considering. 

Have a Good Line of Communication

Determining which lawyer is right for you always starts with a discussion of your claim. In addition to finding a seasoned, competent lawyer, you will want to hire someone with whom you feel comfortable. If you are screening a law firm, make sure you know which lawyer will specifically handle your case.

You will want accessibility to someone who will keep you informed of the status of your case. You should be advised in terms you understand. It is the only way you can make sound, informed decisions. An open line of communication is key.

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Size of the Law Firm

Other Expectations

Inform your attorney if the defendant or one of their representatives contacts you. These parties should not be contacting you directly.

Forward updated copies of any documents that pertain to your case to your lawyer, primarily additional medical bills. Tell your Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL when you complete your medical treatment.

Also, keep in mind that a Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL has an ethical responsibility to communicate with their clients in a reasonable time frame. Remember, however, that your lawyer is likely working on other cases, too. Preparing depositions, researching details, and attending court hearings keep lawyers busy.

Resolving personal injury cases in Illinois is stressful. In addition to dealing with the legal details as you would in any case, you might be fighting pain. This adds another layer to the process. Contacting competent, experienced representation in the early stages of your claim puts you in an excellent position to fight for damages. Having someone working in your best interest is the very best strategy for success and can add to your peace of mind.