Uber Accident Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL

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Uber Accident Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL

Uber Accident Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL

Due to its remarkable convenience, it’s not surprising that the popularity of ridesharing continues to grow in Illinois. By using an app like Uber, you can secure a ride to a variety of destinations with only a few touches on your mobile device. As a result, though, if the Uber driver is in a motor vehicle accidents that injures a passenger or a pedestrian, obtaining just compensation presents a challenge for parties involved.

Fortunately, with the services of an experienced Uber Accident Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL, you could file a claim and possibly win compensation in a settlement for your injuries. It’s important to note that the insurance policies carried by Uber are complex. Drivers are typically covered through their own insurance in the time periods when they’re not available to drive passengers. But while they are available, the drivers carry liability coverage through Uber in addition to their own insurance.

While this might seem as though the passenger is covered in the event of an accident, note that Uber drivers are viewed as independent contractors. Basically, that means the drivers aren’t employees of the company. Consequently, Uber can deny responsibilities for accidents caused by their drivers. This can make obtaining compensation you rightfully deserve a difficult endeavor without the help of an Uber Accident Injury Lawyer Bloomington IL.

Matters can get complex fast when you’re an Uber passenger who gets hurt in an accident. Likewise if you are a pedestrian who gets struck by an Uber vehicle. Don’t hesitate to seek the help of our experienced law firm immediately. Our lawyers can assess your case to determine approximately what you could expect as compensation for your injuries.

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