The Big Secret Insurance Companies Are Hiding

The BIG SECRET isn’t just one thing. It is a system of manipulation. The insurance companies act like your friend, but I assure you they are NOT. Insurance companies use at least one of these tactics after being notified of a claim Option 1: Quickly Offer A Settlement This may seem like a good thing, […]


The best way to reduce the stress of estate administration is hire an experienced estate lawyer to avoid probate court and handle the details for you. How to Avoid Probate Court The list below identifies asset categories that can avoid probate court. Trusts Retirement Accounts Life Insurance Policy Benefits Estate value of less than $100,000 […]


Koth Gregory & Nieminski is a full-service law firm for all of life’s challenges. KGN has provided the most comprehensive legal services in Central Illinois since 1990 (see list of services below). Regardless of the legal service you need, you can easily book an appointment right now and meet with a lawyer today. Why People […]

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The meeting is $300 and attorney fees are $300/hour if you hire us to represent you. We Fight For You Like It’s Our Own Case We develop a winning strategy for you based on our knowledge of the local judges’ tendencies. Why People Choose KGN As Their Lawyer  Second Generation Family-Owned Established 1990 / 15,000+ Cases […]

Best Lawyers Bloomington IL | Same-Day Appointments

Best lawyers Bloomington IL for injury and death cases, family law, criminal defense, traffic tickets, estate planning and administration, real estate, debt collection, corporate litigation, contract disputes, elder law, employment, tax, and more. Koth Gregory & Nieminski Has The Best Lawyers Bloomington IL For All Of Life’s Challenges Koth Gregory & Nieminski offers more legal […]


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