Does Spouse Cheating Help My Divorce Case?

Marital Property Division Rules

Many people wonder “Does Spouse Cheating Help My Divorce Case”

Illinois is a no-fault divorce state. This means courts will not consider whether a spouse had or is having an extramarital affair during the marriage as it pertains to dividing property. However, it is possible that your spouse cheating helps your divorce case in other ways.

  1. Does Spouse Cheating Help My Divorce Case – Yes, if your spouse wasted marital money on his/her paramour.
  2. Does Spouse Cheating Help My Divorce Case – Yes, if you have children because some judges believe your behavior sets a better example for the kids.
  3. Does Spouse Cheating Help My Divorce Case – Yes, f your spouse lied to you in text messages or other written mediums because some judges may find your spouse’s testimony on other issues to be less credible.

A judge can’t directly punish your spouse for cheating by giving you a greater share of marital property for that reason. Thus, as a general rule, courts determine property division without regard to marital misconduct. However, judges often consider the factors mentioned above when determining the cheating spouse’s credibility on other contested issues and when determining the best interest of the child/children. Certainly, if your spouse spent money on the affair such as gifts, travel, etc., that will be considered.

spouse cheating help my divorce case

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What is Marital versus Non-Marital Property?

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