How Do I Know If My Spouse Is Hiding Money

There are a few telltale signs your spouse is hiding money in the divorce case. The first sign is if your spouse historically “handled the finances”. If that is the case, he/she may have bank or investment accounts you don’t know about. Another sign is if your spouse gives vague answers to your questions about […]

High Profile Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL

To Be A High Profile Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL You Need Experience In Several Areas A High Profile Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL must be proficient in much more than just family law to adequately represent clients with significant assets. Even a lawyer that has handled thousands of divorce cases is still not qualified to handle […]

3 Huge Red Flags When Hiring A Lawyer

Hiring A Lawyer is not always simple. This article discusses a few red flags to look for that can make hiring a lawyer easier for you. Pay close attention to (1) The Initial Call, (2) Organization, and (3) Image. Your initial call will tell you a lot about hiring a lawyer at that law firm […]

10 Best Divorce Lawyers Bloomington IL

Trying to decide which divorce lawyer to choose can be challenging. The client’s objectives impact how to evaluate the “Best Divorce Lawyers Bloomington IL”. If you and your spouse agree on all the issues, then you can file an uncontested divorce, which is painless compared to a contested divorce. Selecting one of the best divorce […]

Do I Have A Good Injury Case?

How To Define A “Good Injury Case” For this article, we will use a car accident as an example. A good injury case is one with a high likelihood of receiving a large sum of money from the person that caused the injuries or that person’s car insurance company. As a general rule, the worse […]

How To Win Injury Case – 4 Things

The 4 elements an injury lawyer must prove to win injury case 1. Duty 2. Breach 3. Causation 4. Damages. These are the 4 elements of any personal injury claim that must be proved to receive compensation from another person or their insurance company. There are several different types of injury cases, but most injuries […]

The Cost Of Hiring A Lawyer – 3 Big Factors

Cost Of Hiring A Lawyer

The cost of hiring a lawyer will be lower if your lawyer does these three things   1. Has the proper motivation 2. Automates routing tasks 3. Effectively uses paralegals   It is not a secret that the legal system has voluminous procedural rules that require significant education and training to follow correctly. While the […]

What is Marital Property versus Non-Marital?

What Is Marital Property

You must first understand the difference between what is marital property versus non-marital property in order to understand how courts divide property during divorce proceedings. Knowing what is marital property allows you to understand the assets that can be divided. Some property is off limits, meaning not subject to division because it is considered separate […]

3 Reasons To Beware Of The Free Consultation

Free Consultation

It is important to understand why a law firm is offering a free consultation There are times when a free consultation is appropriate. However, there are 3 reasons a law firm might offer a free consultation that should concern you as a potential client. Desperate for business. Some firms may offer a free consultation because […]

How To Get Alimony? – 4 Great Ways

to get alimony

To get alimony in Illinois the court has to determine alimony is proper Courts consider many factors described in the Illinois statute when determining whether it is appropriate for you to get alimony. The statute has a catchall provision at the end stating any other factor that the court deems fair. Thus, the court has […]